FUNK the name I just chose to call a list of links to associates and things I think you should look into. SO here they come.

The E Network - My own professional site
The E Network - The HQ for our network
Hoodwings - The HQ for Dan Lind of elstudion-fame

The Actually Usefull (Web)Design Sites
I think itäs really hard to find good designsites that just doen't send you of to their friends newly ypdated sites with nothing on them... Well, I'll stop complaining and just send you off to them (and they are _not_ my friends obviously)
Zeldman's Daily Report - Great site for code news and actually usefull design
K10K - Some are just too big to be ignored
A List Apart - Just great
Today I found a link over at; appearently it's a journalist from The New York, George Packer, who has spend a great length of time in Baghdad since the war and now the articles have been published on the net. "Letters From Baghdad - The War After the War". Quite a long text but I do believe it's essential reading though.

No Place Like Home
[031125] A serie of photographs taken this summer at the two places I call home, Stockholm (where I live) and outside of Helsingborg (where I spent my teens). Along with some thoughts as well.

Recent projects:
B/W Photo study

Reminescence of peace

A self portrait with poems

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